5 Tips to Style Your Wardrobe in beautiful way

Styling a Wardrobe:

Wardrobe styling refers to the art and process of arranging clothing and accessories in a visually appealing way. It involves selecting, organizing, and coordinating garments, shoes, and accessories to create a fashionable look for an individual or an event. Wardrobe styling can be done for personal use, such as for photoshoots, fashion shows, red carpet events, or everyday wear. Wardrobe stylists use their knowledge of fashion, trends, body types, colors, and personal style to create visually pleasing and impactful outfits. They may also assist with wardrobe organization, shopping for new items, and providing fashion advice to their clients. Wardrobe styling can help individuals feel confident and express their personal style through their clothing choices.

Wardrobe styling can be helpful for those who feel overwhelmed by their clothing choices, want to update their style, or need assistance in putting together outfits that make them feel confident and put-together. It can save time, money, and effort in shopping for new clothes, as well as help individuals make the most of their existing wardrobe by creating new outfit combinations. You can arrange your Event Dresses in our wardrobe.

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Styling wardrobe

Organizing your clothes can be a daunting task, but with a systematic approach, you can do it quickly and easily. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Empty Your Closet and Drawers

First of all Empty your Drawer to rearrange it. It can give you the space and better idea for arranging your loved clothes. take out everything from your drawer and lay them out on a clean surface, such as a table or bed. This includes all clothing items, accessories, and any other items that might have accumulated in the drawer.

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2. Separate Your Closet By Color

Sort by color: Start sorting your clothes into their color base. You can choose to categorize them broadly by color such as reds, blues, greens, etc., or you can go for more specific color groups such as light blues, dark blues, pastels, etc. Sort each item into the appropriate pile based on its dominant color.

  1. Once you have sorted all your clothes by color, start arranging them back in your closet in an organized manner. You can choose to arrange them from left to right or top to bottom, depending on your preference. Place the color groups together, with one color or color family per section of the closet.
  2. Consider subcategories: If you have a large wardrobe, you may want to further subcategorize your clothes within each color group. For example, within the “blue” section, you can separate them into subcategories such as shirts, dresses, pants, etc. This will help you easily locate specific items within each color group.
  3. Organize other items: Apart from clothes, you can also organize other items in your closet, such as shoes, bags, and accessories, by color to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Consider using storage solutions such as shelves, hooks, or bins to keep these items tidy and accessible.
  4. Maintain regularly: To keep your closet organized by color, make it a habit to regularly assess and rearrange your clothes as needed. Avoid mixing up different color groups and maintain the arrangement you have established. This will help you easily find and put away items and keep your closet looking tidy and visually appealing.

By separating your closet by color, you can create a visually appealing and organized space that makes it easy to locate and coordinate your clothes. It also allows you to see at a glance the variety of colors in your wardrobe and helps you make intentional outfit choices. Regular maintenance and mindful storage habits will help you maintain an organized and visually pleasing closet for a long time.

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3. Fold Your Clothes Properly

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Put clothing on shelves, but fold it vertically or “file-style” like Marie Kondo suggests so that you can see every article of clothing when you open a drawer. To maximize storage for scarves, ties, belts, and pants, use specialist hangers. Bras should be nested inside of each other, and handbags should be stacked inside the other.

4. Use Seal Storage Bags to Organize your Wardrobe

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Get vacuum bags or make your yourself using a vacuum cleaner and a large clear drawstring trash bag. You may increase the amount of space by sucking the air out of the bag and tightly tying it shut. Until you need them, keep these bags in a top shelf, bottom corner, or storage area.

Use Wall Space To Organize Wardrobe

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Walls can be used to hang necklaces; for tiny clothing items and accessories, think about utilizing pegboards, spice racks, hooks, or wall-hung wire containers.

Storage Tips for Closet

Although closet organizers, storage options, and closet systems can help you make the most of your available space, closet storage solutions won’t increase the amount of room in your closet. Here are some ideas for maximizing space efficiency:
With the aid of a step stool, you will be able to access the upper portion of your closet; as a result, you will be able to utilize a difficult-to-access vacant space.
A double-hang rod with two levels of hanging rods will more effectively utilize the closet’s horizontal storage capacity.
Your entrance can become the ideal spot to keep shoes, accessories, or both with the help of an over-the-door shoe rack.
You could feel compelled to give up, take out your credit card, and get an expensive wardrobe organization system.

If you measure the space, evaluate what you already have, and create a storage strategy, this urge might not be essential. Purchase only what you require for clothing storage, and put your existing items to new use. Handbags, shoes, accessories, and workout attire are all well-organized in little bookcases, cubbies, and baskets.

Last but not least, when purchasing a new storage item, remember to take three measurements of the space. Bringing something home only to discover it is too big or small is just awful.

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