Hijab in Trendy Style

9 Hijab In Trendy Styles

When you hear the word “hijab,” a picture of a girl with a gorgeous scarf on her head immediately comes to mind. Muslim women have long worn the hijab as a ritual, but today many fashion policewomen also do so to provide a distinct, uniform appearance. Women typically choose to wear hijabs that are made to fit their face shapes when it comes to fashion.

Muslim scholars generally agree that both men and women should dress modestly, although they disagree on the extent of women’s covering, namely whether it should cover the full body or just the head. Some support the so-called veiling custom, while others assert that the Shariah—Islamic law—only calls for modest attire. In fact, a woman’s decision to wear a hijab depends on how Islamic law is interpreted, her region, civil law, and her own preferences.

woman in white hijab and white long sleeve shirtSource: unsplash
woman in white hijab and white long sleeve shirt

The wearing of veils predated the birth of Islam in the 7th century by a very long time, and some Christians and Jews are still practising it now. As a result, Islam did not create the tradition of veiling; rather, it presumably adopted it as it moved across the Arabian Peninsula, southeastern Asia, northern Africa, and southern Europe over time. As a result, tradition dictates that many women cover up with the hijab and other types of veils. Hijabs are sometimes mandated by legislation for women, as they are in Iran since the Islamic Revolution (1978–79). In addition, a lady may veil in certain situations.

1. Hijab for Oval Shaped Face:

Lebanese fashion is the best to use when creating a veil style for an ovular face. For a stunning appearance that leans more towards casual, the hijab is tied on the side while the fall of the end is kept on the front side.

2. Hijab Styles for Long Face:

A design that incorporates embroidery in the form of hair band accessories is provided by Turkish style for making hijabs at home. After being worn and tied in a side knot, the hijab is given a stylish appearance with a headband attachment to hold it in place.

3. For Round Face:


If you have a round face, you should learn how to build a veil step-by-step that is tight around the cheekbones. A snug-fitting shirt with a knot on the side of the neck is required for the face. The remaining two ends are preserved on the front, while a sizable amount of the back side is covered.

4. Heart Face Styles:

The ideal way to create veil styles for women with faces that are heart-shaped is to keep the face tight. The scarf is fitted perfectly on the sides of the face, but it is left open from the bottom to highlight the pointed chin. The excess end is drawn backward and wrapped around the neck.

5. Hijab for Chubby Cheek Face:

The basic style would be the best for women when considering how to create a veil for girls with full cheeks. The side end should be left on one of the hands with the neck twisted, and the head and a section of the neck should be covered.

6. Diamond Face Hijab Styles:

The veil in turban design has gained popularity because of its ideal diamond form. When the face is the center of attention, it gives off a flaunt appearance. A variety of twists and curves are used to create the scarf, which is worn atop the head.

7. Square Face Hijab Styles:

This style of homemade veil is designed to fit loosely below the neck and is best suited for people with square faces. You can also add a cap to the head side, providing the lower half of the face a multitude of loose fitting options.

8. Triangular Face Shape Hijab Designs:

The women having triangular face are quite lucky as nearly all the veil styles would suit them. However, such women widely go for a loose hijab style. The scarf is also given a triangular shape when worn covering the face and simply folding at the neck without pins.

9. Hijab for Every Face:


The side knotted veil is the finest to wear when learning how to make veil pins. Internal folds are used to give the veil a tight fit and a three-layer appearance, with the cap and the other two layers of the scarf making up the top layer. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the side knot. such veil of scarf is worn in accordance with the occasion in the same way that it is worn in accordance with the contour of the face. You can therefore create your own veil style by providing them adorable charms.

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