4 Cardigans Stylish Designs For Women

cardigans for women were fashioned after the knitted wool waistcoat used primarily by British officers throughout the conflict. The success of Lord Cardigan during the conflict contributed to the garment’s rise in popularity. When Brudenell discovered that the coat’s tails had unintentionally burned out due to the fireplace, he made the major invention. From that moment on, the cardigan became a fashion staple. The word “cardigan” is a riff on the Welsh region of Ceredigion.

Importance of Long Cardigans:

long cardigans for womenSource: unsplash
long cardigans for women

Chunky long cardigans also aid in surviving even the worst winters. Long cardigans are well-known clothing items worn largely throughout the winter to warm the human body. Long flowery cardigans can be worn easily because they are lightweight. The long net cardigan can also be worn over your other attire to make a stylish statement

Top and Stylish Long Cardigans for Women in Fashion Wear:

Here are the best long cardigan designs for women, complete with pictures.

1. Long-Hooded Cardigan:

This style of cardigan incorporates a hoodie into its general design. The sleeves are fully extended. This long, hooded cardigan can only be worn in the winter because it is simply impractical in the summer. This kind of hooded cardigan’s pattern is typically extremely straightforward, with white and grey borders to match the style.

  • Materials used: Polyester, with a small amount of acrylic.
  • Coordinating Outfits: Wear with a blue pair of jeans and a sleeveless white top.
  • Length: This cardigan crosses the hips and goes past the waist.

2. Long Sleeveless Cardigan:

Those lengthy cardigans without sleeves are referred to as long sleeveless cardigans. The typical length of these long sleeveless cardigans only reaches just below the waist and almost to the middle of the thighs. This cardigan’s design is straightforward but incredibly attractive, using muted hues like light or even white.

  • Materials: Rayon is combined with a small amount of spandex to give it the stretchy quality.
  • Complementary Clothing: These look best when worn with long dresses, blue jeans, and white tops.
  • Cardigan Length: The cardigan’s length falls below the thighs.

3. Long Knitted Cardigan:

This knitted cardigan will do the trick for you if you desire a long, comfy, yet understated-looking sweater. Additionally, they are completely full sleeves as usual. This kind of cardigan doesn’t have a very unique design because the pattern and even the hue of the grey are simple and straightforward.

  • The materials used were acrylic and a small amount of nylon to add shine.
  • Coordinating Outfits: A white crop top and black trousers ensemble, a white crop top and blue jeans ensemble or a black knee-length dress will all look great.
  • Cardigan Length: The length of the cardigan is below the knees.

4. Long Summer Cardigan:

This should be the first item in your collection if you enjoy wearing cardigans even in the summer. It has full sleeves as well. Get a cosy sensation by wearing this cardigan. This summer cardigan’s style is quite straightforward, with simply a limited colour scheme and optional side pockets.

  • Materials: Cotton or polyester are typically used to make these.
  • Coordinating Outfits: All you need are a pair of denim shorts and a sleeveless, loosely fitting pale-colored shirt. Also acceptable are long jeans.
  • Cardigan Length: The cardigan reaches the knees.

6. Long Belted Cardigan:

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